Keynote Talks

As the world faces a period of transformation driven by the pandemic and an increase in social awareness, René specialises in helping many blue-chip businesses chart a path for growth and an inclusive culture of enterprise.

René tailors each keynote to fit the challenges and opportunities faced by his clients – embracing regional differences and cultural nuances learned from his years of experience working across the globe.

Why Rene

In times of growing
global uncertainty,
we need more
inspiring leaders.

Empower, energise and inspire people and businesses to do the things that others said could not be done

Inclusive leadership

Everybody in – Nobody out

The year 2020 has changed life and business in every aspect as we know it. Tough and challenging subjects can no longer be ignored.

Large businesses are at the forefront of those pertinent discussions and the change we want to see in our business and societies.

From Sustainability, The Future of Work, to Inclusion, leaders are being tasked to navigate a post-pandemic world. They seek to rebuild their organisations culture and capability and build back better for societies and economies at large.

Throughout the pandemic it all became very much obvious; this change will not happen without a concentrated effort towards Diversity and Inclusion. Many organisations have made meaningful statements and declarations of intent about Diversity and Inclusion but now comes the real challenge – the actual changes. The words are where we all want to be, the actions prove who we are and what we stand for.

This essential commitment by businesses in Diversity and Inclusion is much more about Culture than it is about Strategy.

This requires a little more leadership with a little less management.

When every team member takes some ownership for performance, collaboration, morale, team spirit and values, so much more can be realised. But it starts with making them feel included and creating a culture of Inclusion which penetrates throughout any organisation.

Rene will demonstrate how we can collaboratively work together to;

  • Create an inclusive culture where differences are valued
  • Make sustainable change a reality
  • Experience the power of vibrant teams

We all need someone to believe in and something to belong to. We must try and create an environment where difference is respected, valued, and encourages an approach that when we all come together, we can create vibrant and innovative teams.



In most western developed economies, business leaders spend necessary time preparing and articulating the strategy for the business. This is obviously key and integral to its success.

However, just as important, is the culture of the business, but it gets nowhere near as much attention as it deserves – until now.

Progressive businesses have now learned how to fuel and oxygenate their culture, ensuring it is fit for purpose, and a key competitive advantage, a must in these rapidly changing times.


René will share his extensive experience and exposure to some of the worlds’ leading corporate cultures, telling his inspiring stories with his deft sense of humour whilst challenging everyone in the auditorium to think again about culture.

He will close this fascinating and challenging talk by leaving 10 pragmatic top tips on how to transform your corporate culture in a manner that will leave the audience excited and prepared for the transformation of their teams and the business.



The world of work has gone through the most fundamental of changes, and we will never go back to the traditional method of running business. Demographic shifts, changes in global power structures, and disruptive innovation have completely transformed the business landscape forever.

In recent times, a good enough management team, a good enough s trategy, and a good enough brand, was good enough. This is no longer the case. The certain ty of the recent past has been replaced by the uncertainty of contemporary times. The blunt instrument of Management alone just doesn’t cut it anymore. It is the time for Leadership, and Inspired Leadership at that.

René will deliver real case studies, and stories that will make an authentic approach to Leadership both understandable and entertaining for your audience. 


He always ends with 10 top practical tips that will enable every attendee to practice a different approach to Leadership on their return to their place of work.

This is no lecture, but very much an informative performance, using his distinctive sense of humour and some hard hitting and provocative messages.



“Nothing is best done alone anymore” – no one leader can make all the tough calls on their own anymore. In today’s unforgiving markets, every leader requires the support of a diverse and high performing team. The business world is moving way too fast and many are weighed down with huge uncertainties and inherent risks. Building a collaborative and collegiate culture demands a new approach to leadership and a change in mindset.

René will share case studies and stories from the front line to the Boardroom. He will share stories of abject failure, and of those who have stalled, but most of all, how many have succeeded.


He will use his own personal brand of humour, laced with some provocative challenges which will inspire and energise your audience.

René will close with his top 10 practical tips on how everyone in the room can move tangibly towards a more collaborative approach as soon as they get back to their place of work.


Extraordinary times demands extraordinary leadership, this must become the era where we look for a more diverse array of leaders.

As Mark Twain pithily points out, leaders today have to handle constant pressure well and need to allow their people the room to grow by making mistakes and learning from them.

What’s needed in these turbulent times is the feeling that our boss cares for us and supports us especially in times of uncertainty. Leadership today is altruism.

The perfect close proximity role models for this new more empathetic type of leader are ‘mothers at home’. They excel at home because they can be who THEY want to be.

They are also effective at setting boundaries and are there to deliver appropriate sanctions and consequences for inappropriate behaviour.

They tend to do this with no hierarchy, and only implicit authority. Today, being the leader doesn’t have to mean behaving like the ‘boss’.  


Transparency Works

Give them your confidence

Be authentic and play to your strengths

Inclusive teams are high-performing teams

Everybody in – Nobody out

Believe in everyone