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We all need Someone to Believe in and Something to Belong to “It was the [...]

Collaboration is the New Leadership

Nothing is Best Done Alone Anymore Business has become far too fast moving and markets [...]

Leaders Never Stop Practicing

On arrival, late in the evening at Copenhagen airport in Denmark, we looked forward to [...]

What Does Britain Want In A Political Leader?

The insightful results from the recent BritainThinks survey is worth looking at from a slightly [...]

The Nasty Leader

The Killer Flaws of a Political Leader The recently published book, Betting the House: The [...]

Be The Leader You Want to Follow

[bctt tweet=”Be The Leader You Want to Follow” username=”renecarayol”] Change is hitting every business like [...]

The Sack Race

New Job and You Want to Last – Make Big Calls Fast Even the very [...]


“How bad have sales got to get before you consider resigning?” was the sharpest of [...]

“Getting Engaged”

Mission Impossible As the White House doors continually swing open to eject another ‘failed’ communications [...]

Why Mothers are Today’s Best Leaders

“My mother had a great deal of trouble with me, but I think she enjoyed [...]