René’s keynotes and retreats are life-changing! Read what they say…

Listening to your key note has made me released that we are all leaders and we all have special qualities .

Ada Uchegbu / 4th October 2020 BA conference

A very insightful delivery that is life transforming. you can not remain the same after being exposed to these concepts Rene talks about. A true leader himself, Rene shares time tested values and principles that delivers results. I have been impacted for life!!.


Hugely insightful, useful, thought provoking & absolutely relevant to the issues many businesses face today. Most businesses are over-managed & under led & all organisations could benefit from today’s session.

Edward Kerrigan / 23rd February 2019 Executive Masterclass

Renee’s presentation on inclusive leadership was impactful, open and thought provoking.

Carol Cooper / 25th November 2020 Inclusive Leadership

Saw Rene many years ago in Harrogate. Really enjoyed this session in Bridlington – one of my 2 highlights of the day and well worth attending for. Lots of great ‘take-aways’ that reassured how we currently manage our business plus some new ideas to consider adding. Excellent content well delivered!

Andrew Harrison / 14th June 2018 The Business Day - Bridlington

One of the insights from our session that really resonated with me was “if you are doing the tasks, who is leading?”. I came away inspired to be a better leader by more effectively delegating some of the task oriented work I’m doing to free up more of my time to focus on developing and inspiring our team to help them be the best they can be. Another thing that really stood out is that to be successful as an organization it is critical to have the right people on the team and have everyone “on the bus” and working together with a strong sense of a shared purpose.

Dianne Spatz / 6th April 2019 Travelopia Global Leadership Conference

René is one of the most inspirational and insightful speakers I have ever experienced to date. He has an outstanding ability to emotionally engage his audience while at the same time delivering clear messages and action steps one can implement for his company and teams. I am very happy to having had the privelege to attend his sessions.

Alex Metzler / 8th April 2019 Travelopia Leadership Conference

Execellent session

CLAIRE FINN / 26th November 2020 fff

Wonderful presentation. Very inspiring

Boualem / 21st April 2018 ECCBC leadership meeting

For me it was by far the best leadership talk I have ever attended. I have been absolutely blown away by René’s talk. Many ideas have rushed through my mind since then on how I can authentically become a great leader in the 21st century. As René delivered the SPIKE talk I began to feel increasing excitement within me as I knew I was discovering a rear diamond that would transform my life for good. I am still in awe. Thank you Rene. I am indeed so grateful to have attended.

Adjoa Adjei-Twum / 13th October 2019 Adjoa Adjei-Twum

The presentation had lots of examples and René Carayol gave encouragement and ideas for where to start this conversation and work

Louise Wellesley / 21st Junea25th November 2020 Inclusive Leadership2019 Senior Leadership Event, Cayman Islands

René is one of the most inspirational speakers I’ve heard in a long time. I have already downloaded his presentation from the event and passed it onto some colleagues!

Hellen Tordoff / 11th June 2018 The Business Day - Bridlington Spa

A stirring and inspired focus on simply what doing the right thing in these current times looks like. Brilliant to here from such a iconic speaker reminding us to engage more, without an agenda, to just be more empathetic to all. Thank you!

Jo Evans / 28th May 2020 ITG Exclusive Seminar

Very inspirational presentation ! Loads to implement for myself and cascade to my Teams-Plans & actions to follow . Thank you

Line Abadie / 23rd July 2018 Prostate Cancer Leaders Summit - Extroadinary Leaders

Thank you René, you were superb. As the founder of creative agency WeAreFearless, I am completely aligned with your leadership philosophy but listened to every word, left inspired to push this agenda much further & committed to create genuine psychological safety with our fearless team. Being fearless is about breaking through fear to take the brave decisions and break new ground. Your own courage and humility shone through powerfully. Thank you. It was one of the best hours I’ve spent in years. All the best Garry

Garry Dods / 4th December 2019 The Marketing Academy Breakfast Seminar

Rene was an inspirational speaker, provoking thought and reflection that changes the way you think about business. The VUCA world that we live in today, requires a next generation business model, that Rene helps to shape, with intellectual and emotional engagement. Despite the fact that we are a globally iconic business, we are certainly in a better place to meet the challenges ahead, after only two hours with Rene.

Gary Burrows / 7th September 2017 IKEA Centre Days - Stockholm

Always inspiring and rewarding to listen to René Carayol’s presentations – this time in person. Many thanks.

Kati Hamalainen / 15th November 2018 The Luminary Series Featuring René Carayol

The inspiring talk by Mr. Rene Carayol has deeply made change in my way of thinking and finding leadership. Senior Leadership should denifetely set example and have the culture right in the company. I am delighted to know a person like Mr.Carayol is helping organisations find the right leadership and leave a legacy.

Harinatha Raju / 7th May 2019 Cass Business School - London Symposium 2019

René was captivating from the first word. Loved the emotional and personal elements to the presentation. Truly inspiring and makes me want to be the best leader from the middle of the pack. You should really carry on where James Earl Jones has left off 🙂

Hayley / 6th November 2020 Glacier Sales conference

Powerful presentation from Rene, reminding us all to challenge upwards and support downwards and to be inclusive in all that we do as leaders.

Katherine / 24th November 2020 Inclusive leadership - Future Focused Finance

I was introduced to Rene by a close friend when looking for a motivational speaker for our Money Matters workshop.

He was truly professional and very powerful with his message that we can all find our spikes and succeed.

The workshop was for homeless young women in West London. All of the women were impressed by René’s presentation and the dignified way the workshop was conducted.

Rene is one of the kindest and most decent business figures I have met. He is thought provoking and ‘in it for the right reasons’.

I strongly endorse his style!

Rawle Beckles / 6th July 2018 Rawle Beckles

This was clearly the most enthused and excited I have been after attending a conference, it has made me take a good look at my own behaviors and understand how they affect my team both good and bad. It has given me many of the tools I will need to transform my team and enticed me to make a difference as a leader.

Thank you!

Mark Langdon / 4th April 2019 Travelopia Global Leadership Conference 2019

Outstanding insights delivered with humility, grace and passion. This isn’t the first time I have heard Rene at Business Day, or YIBC as it was previously, and every time he has been thoroughly good value. A real pleasure to listen and learn.

Nick Thompson / 11th June 2018 Bridlington Spa Business Day

Within twenty minutes of sitting in the presentation, I knew that I had made the right decision to attend. This was a transformative and enlightening presentation which has been well received. I am so much more confident in realizing and magnifying my spike and will utilize the knowledge that I have digested to assist others to realize and magnify theirs. Thank you, Rene.

Kenneth Ferguson / 21st June 2019 Senior Leadership Event, Cayman Islands

René helped me to think differently and care about the present moment, observe people and how to impact by influencing and not manipulating. How it is important to tell a story and allow colleagues to count for collaborating and raise ideas

Philippe Dasse / 16th December 2018 Philippe Dasse

A truly uplifting speaker. Rene engages the audience with emotion and drive that leaves everyone feeling positive and ready to take on the world!
Neil Hodgkinson
Editor-in-Chief Trinity Mirror North East, Humber and Lincolnshire

Neil Hodgkinson / 10th June 2018 Yorkshire Business Day

I thoroughly enjoyed René’s talk. It was entertaining, informative and thought provoking. I will use some of the slides for team building in my business!

Mick Leahy / 12th June 2018 The Business Day at Bridlington Spa

By far the best part of the day, very relevant to the overall theme and and a truly captivating presentation. I’ve certainly taken notes from it and have signed up for the #spikespark daily updates which also sound like they will help me as a leader and a manager.

Matthew Goacher / 11th June 2018 Bridlington Business Day 2018

I attended the The Business Day at Bridlington Spa on the 8th June, I thoroughly enjoyed Extraordinary times demands extraordinary leadership talk by Rene. Very inspiring and thought provoking. I have already shared the key points with our directors and management team.

Norman Mortell / 11th June 2018 The Business Day - Extraordinary times demands extraordinary leadership

Excellent delivery with superb content and examples.

Peter Conneely / 27th February 2019 Executive Institute

A fantastic blend of insight, inspiration and challenge.

Phil Avery / 23rd November 2018 Unlocking Potential Leadership Symposium

I’ve seen many talks about leadership but this one really stands out – it was truly inspirational and, unlike many really great talks, has stuck with me.

Richard Keegan / 27th June 2018 Business Day at Bridlington Spa

Exceptional presentation, I learned and enjoyed a lot. Thank you Mr Carayol.

Maguette Diouf / 27th April 2018 ECCBC Leadership meeting

The Senior Leadership Retreat facilitated by Rene was unlike any other I have attended, with a focus of engaging real-world stories and examples that conveyed the messages of leadership in a heartfelt way. The workshops seemed simple enough once presented but always carried a hidden message that helped reveal small details that we would have otherwise not thought of. Rene lead by example all day by inviting and encouraging participation the way a leader should. I would highly recommend Rene to anyone looking for the SPARK to find your SPIKE.

Robert Tatum / 27th June 2019 Senior Leadership Event - Cayman Islands Government

Great speaker, important notions.

Niki J. Welling / 15th November 2018 AmCham Finland - Luminary Series

Very inspiring presentation.

Oliver Scheef / 8th June 2018 BI Animal Health Global Conference (Malta)

As someone who started a new role of Programme Manager one week ago and now have responsibility for a team of staff for the first time, listening to this inspiring presentation has ensured that I will strive to become a Leader rather than a Manager.

Thank you.

Phil Hall / 19th June 2018 The Business Day 2018

Fantastic talk with very emotive and relevant video clips that enforced the message. Rene had a great presence, captivating the whole room

Suzanne / 23rd July 2018 Prostate Cancer Leaders Summit - Extroadinary Leaders

Excellent Moment.. Unique in his “genre”

SOGBOSSI Ange / 26th May 2018 BootCamp

Rene your session was very inspiring and I have come away with a lot more motivation and knowledge than I was expecting to. Looking forward to reading your books.

Saya / 27th January 2021 Wihtl

René is a force of nature.
Very enjoyable and highly inspirational.
He learned from the best and he coaches the world’s best. I felt honoured to experience a glimpse of his wisdom.
Highly recommended, engaging and very useful for my personal development and my organisation
Three UK

ToM Malleschitz / 10th June 2018 Marketing Academy Fellowship

An amazing engaging session , you really made everyone in the room feel at ease to talk about any subject , the tone and pace of the conversations where on point and left an impression on all that attended, the team certainly practice what you preach and it is about how you make people feel and I was certainly left with a feeling of hope and energised that we can make a difference

Sheena birch / 30th September 2020